1. Thank your heart for continuing to beat and pump despite being battered and broken and bruised. Even when everybody else gave up, even yourself, your heart never did. You have wasted your blood in your thunderstorms but it says, “Darling, the earthquake will pass. I am singing a song for you.” Lub-dub. Lub-dub. “Do you hear that? Do you hear the lullaby I made for you?”

2. Thank your organs for continuing to function the best they can despite you wanting to leave your body for something better. Everybody else may have disappointed you and hurt you and left you on the sidewalk but your liver says, “I will take in all the bad,” and your kidneys say, “I will cleanse you for rebirth.” Listen to them.

3. Thank the flowers in your lungs for continuing to search for the sunlight despite the many times you felt like drowning after a breakdown. You can’t hear it because you’re screaming but they’re telling you, “Hold on. We are growing for you. We will breathe for you.”

4. Thank your bones for continuing to keep you on the ground despite the fact that you feel they are misplaced around your body. When nobody was there to pick up your rubble, your femur did, your hipbones did, your spine did. When you were broken and quiet, they were there to tell the whole world, “I am not empty space. I am a structure. Heck, I’m a fucking Skyscraper if I wanted to be. I have a purpose. I have a place in this Universe.”

5. Thank your arms and your hands for continuing to reach to your face despite the many cracks you opened on them. They were there to wipe your tears at 2 in the morning when no one could even when they drowned in the ocean you made. They say, “Hush now, hush now. You can’t grow flowers with saltwater.”

6. Thank your skin for continuing to heal despite the many sinkholes you created. It never looked away in shame of your cuts and loves you despite of them. It paints your bruises in beautiful hues for sometimes, pain brings miracles. I think they believe you are tilling their earth for they say, “I will grow tulips and sunflowers and your favourite pink roses on these lines and you will be a garden and you will be happy again.”

7. Most importantly, thank yourself for continuing to live. For surviving. For trying. After all, that’s what matters in the end, right? That you tried? So sit yourself comfortably under the grace of sunlight and hear what you have to say for yourself. You’ll be surprised at how you can make yourself smile and love and heal. Thank your fingertips, thank your toes, thank your stretch marks. And at the end of the day when you go to bed with a sweet smile and a dry, comfortable pillow, don’t forget to tell yourself, “You’re welcome.”

― 7 Thank You’s We Must Never Forget, writinglolita (via writinglolita)
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